Finding Fulfillment with a Career in Real Estate


Career happiness can be elusive. Getting the desirable aspects of a satisfying job to align is like to putting together a puzzle. Money, work-life balance, personal fulfillment – where are the people … [Read more...]

Zionsville Homeowners Get What They Want


There won’t be a Walmart in Zionsville anytime soon. Is that good or bad? Depends on how you look at it. The view of a resident may be to preserve the small town feel. The view of town leaders may … [Read more...]

3 Easy Tips To Protect Your Deck This Winter


Barbecue season is all but over, and you won't be spending as much time out on the deck. Don't let it get you down, though. Spring will be here before you know it. There are a lot of things that can … [Read more...]

Should You Reduce Your Home’s Listing Price?


Are you trying to market your home and finding that it's not selling very well? In my 10+ years of experience in being a Realtor in Indianapolis, I have found that three major factors that … [Read more...]

What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week


This week's economic news commentary has been dominated by the "what ifs" of a government shutdown; opinions of potential consequences are limited only by the number of commentators sharing their … [Read more...]

What the Government Shutdown Means for Real Estate


Our wonderful elected officials in Washington are at it again. As you know, Congress has failed to approve a Continuing Resolution (CR) providing funding for most government operations. Therefore, … [Read more...]

How Does An Interest-Only Mortgage Work?


When researching your different options for a mortgage on your home, you might have heard of an "Interest-Only Mortgage". What exactly does this type of mortgage mean and how does it work? Usually … [Read more...]

What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week-September 30, 2013


Last week brought a variety of housing related news. Highlights included the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index for July, which showed a 12.40 percent year-over-year increase in national home … [Read more...]

What Does The Future Hold For The Security System In Your Home?


Imagine walking into your home and turning off the alarm, locking your doors, opening the windows and starting your coffee maker, all with a few taps of your finger on your smart phone. What if you … [Read more...]

3 Simple Ways To Get Your Home Mortgage Paid Faster

pay off mortgage faster

Paying off the mortgage on your home faster means that you will not only have the satisfaction of owning your own home sooner, you will also have the benefit of paying much less in interest over the … [Read more...]

Homeowners — Don’t Make These Mistakes Planning Next Year’s Taxes


Filing your taxes can be a complicated and confusing process. If you are a home owner you may have many different home tax deductions and credits to consider. Since we recently passed the filing … [Read more...]

What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week – June 24, 2013


Comments by Fed chairman Ben Bernanke after Wednesday's FOMC meeting caused havoc in financial markets as investors anticipated the potential effects of any rollback of the Fed's policy of … [Read more...]

Why It’s Critically Important To Have A Home Inspection


Many home buyers have found the perfect house, signed on the dotted line and may think they've watched enough home improvement shows to know if the home they're getting is in good shape. … [Read more...]

Indianapolis Foreclosures Down 27% From May 2012

foreclosure report improving

Indianapolis Foreclosures are on a decline, according to RealtyTrac's latest numbers for the area. Foreclosure filings decreased by 27.1% from May of 2012, and are down nearly 20% from just last month … [Read more...]

Increasing May Jobs Report Shows Strengthening Economy


The U.S. Department of Labor released its Non-Farm Payrolls and National Unemployment Rate reports Friday showing 175,000 jobs were added in May, which surpassed expectations of 164,000 new jobs and … [Read more...]

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